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Join our Product Share

Don't want to purchase all of the new paper and ribbon in the

NEW Stampin' Up! 2024-25 Annual Catalog?

No worries! Just join our product share!


What is a product share, you ask?

Basically, we will purchase enough ribbon bolts and paper packages to split between every person that signs up for the product share! Plus, you'll save money.

Head over to our blog post to see the product share in more detail.

Product share registration closes at 11:00PM Central Time on April 30, 2024.

Join a Product Share

Choose which product share(s) you would like to participate in:

Thanks for joining our product share!


We will start sending out invoices beginning one week before May 1st. Make sure to pay your invoice by 11:00:00 p.m. CT on April 30, 2024.


No late payments will be accepted, so make sure to promptly make your payment when you receive your invoice. We will be placing the product order on the morning of May 1, 2024.


We want to get the product in your hands as soon as possible. We cut the paper and ribbon ourselves so please allow an additional 3-4 days for processing. 


​We will ship all of the product to you OR if you would like to save money on shipping, please contact us and you're more than welcome to pick it up at our studio if you live in the area.​You will receive an email with a tracking number once we ship your product share.

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