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Unlock your creativity through community and tailored guidance without breaking the bank

We're Nancy and Kayla, a mother-daughter crafting duo! We foster a supportive crafting community by offering personalized guidance and resources to help women embrace their creativity, build confidence, and nurture their creative skills on a budget.

Our Story

In our crafting community, we're more than just a place to share tips and tricks. We're a tight-knit group of women who understand the thrill and challenges of starting a new craft, especially when funds are tight. Almost 20 years ago, we dove into papercrafting, eager to create but unsure where to start amidst a sea of options of cardstock, ink, and tools. Over time, we've mastered the art of building a craft collection on a budget while expanding our skills and learning new techniques. And along the way, we've discovered the priceless value of a supportive community—like ours—that makes the journey smoother and more enjoyable.


We remember how time-consuming the endless searches on Pinterest, Google, and YouTube became just trying to find basic information on cards we wanted to make. This ultimately ended in extreme frustration and quickly evaporated our creativity for the day. And that’s when we decided we didn’t want other women to waste their time. So we established a community of crafters and a list of resources to help you unlock your creativity to get to the fun faster!

That's why we're here: to offer you personalized guidance, resources, and a friendly community where you can confidently embrace your creativity, no matter your budget. We help dozens of new and experienced crafters every month learn how to utilize all of their crafting supplies so they can thoroughly enjoy their crafting experience.

Join our crafting community today

Join our crafting community today to start your creative journey with personalized guidance and support, discovering the joy of crafting on a budget alongside a community of like-minded women.

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