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Last Minute Gift

To be honest, I love these mint chocolates, however, I totally bought them so I could make a fun treat holder/last minute gift treat! It turned out so cute and I just love the red rhinestones. This photo doesn't do it justice. Every year, Kayla and I try to make fun little gifts to hand out to those we don't do a gift exchange with and this is just perfect. So, far, I've been able to keep my son, Andy who is 13 and loves candy, away from this. A couple years ago, I wasn't so fortunate, he got into the ghirardelli matchbook holder we made and ate almost half of them. Luckily, I had spares to replace them.

We used just a few supplies but once you get on a roll in making these, it goes fast. This particular bag topper is a little more elaborate but you can always just use what you have on hand and I can guarantee everyone will love it.

This picture give you a better view of the spritzed on Frost White Glimmer paint. It is mixed with 70% Isopropyl alcohol and shaken really well in our spritzers. It really is stunning in person to see all the shimmery shine!

We have PDF you can access for directions by click here or by visiting our tab above under you can make it yourself . Happy Stamping and Merry Christmas~ Nancy and Kayla



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