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Bonus Days Are Back!

Oh my gosh this has to be my second favorite time of the Year! Who would like to earn free product? I certainly would! Well, July is the month to do exactly that!

  • An email address is required to participate; Bonus Days coupon codes can be delivered only via email.

  • If a participant earns multiple codes from a single order, they will receive one email with multiple codes. If they earn multiple codes from multiple orders, they will receive separate emails for each code earned.

  • All order types qualify for this promotion. Fax and email orders still require an email address.

  • Orders that are started before the promotion begins will not go toward earning coupon codes.

  • There is no limit to the number of coupon codes participants can earn per order or throughout the duration of the Bonus Days earning period. 

Can you use your Bonus Days coupon code to apply toward a Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscription? Absolutely! Can you earn Bonus Days coupons by purchasing a 3-, 6-, or 12-month Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscriptions (or by adding a 1-month prepaid subscription to your order to reach $50 USD/$60 CAD)? Yes!

Make sure to save your emails where you can find them so you can use them Stampin'UP will not keep track of these for you!

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