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OnStage Fall 2020

Wow! What an amazing experience OnStage was this weekend. Even with COVID numbers on the rise, Stampin' Up! created a fabulous online experience for those who attended! OnStage is Stampin' Up!'s convention, for ALL demonstrator, hobby/discount stampers and business builders, they do every year. This year it would have been in Salt Lake City, Utah but with COVID they thought it best to hold it online.

Every event that we attend with our team members we always give them a gift. Just our a small token of our appreciation and to get them excited for the event. It's always nice to gift others and see their reaction. This year we did name tags/lanyard and a box full of goodies they can munch on!

Since we were not in person for this event we did not receive the usual lanyard showing our name and all the ribbons of our successes. So, Kayla and I decided to create a name tag. We used the lanyards that Stampin' Up! has available for demonstrators to purchase, printed them out, and laminated them. We also wanted to gift one to our fabulous upline, Rachel Tessman; she achieved so many this year, her name tag only shows two of several.

Speaking of, Vicki Spicer from our team was recognized for her Sales this past Stampin' Up! year, and Kayla Cory was recognized for advancing in title to Bronze Elite! Way to go! Since Kayla and I put most of our sales under me (hope to earn that fabulous trip one year) our efforts advance me to Silver Elite and we were recognized for Leadership as well! How exciting!

So our three day event started out on Thursday evening in a zoom meeting with all those attending under Susan Campfield then we all watched together Pat Benatar and her husband opening up the event then we went on to some stamping and recognition. Friday was an all-day event with demonstrations, training and the same on Saturday. It's amazing how tired one can get attentively watching and learning, but so worth it!

Plus we got some amazing gifts from Stampin' Up! and our teammates as well this year!! We're so spoiled!

If you have ever thought about stamping or currently stamp, getting the starter kit is so well the benefits you get out of being a hobby/business demonstrator. Seriously, this has been the best decision for me, what started out as a hobby turned into a business, to all the events and pre-orders, and all the fabulous people you meet it is incredible! We'd love for you to experience it with us as well, please let us know if you have any questions! We'd be happy to chat over the phone, email, messenger, or whatever works best for you!


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