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Kayla and Nancy smiling and holding two catalogs with "About Us" written above them


We are a mother/daughter crafting team that loves to laugh and craft. We started our crafting journey almost 15 years ago when Nancy was invited to a card making class at her friend's house.

Over the years, we've learned the ins and outs of crafting and now, we are your creative coaches and friends! Whether you're new to crafting and just want something to keep your hands busy, or have been crafting for years, we're here to get you crafting and laughing.

Start Your Crafting Journey



Stay inspired on paper crafting ideas with our photos, tips, and videos.



Never craft alone. Join our community of crafters to keep you crafting and using your supplies.



Learn how to craft on your own with our step-by-step tutorials.



Stamps, ink, and paper products are designed to help you experience and capture meaningful moments in life through paper crafting. 

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 I absolutely love this mother daughter team! They are so much fun to watch and their cards are amazing! Their tutorials are easy to follow and so much fun! I look forward to watching their lives every week.


This mother/daughter team is incredible! They are creative, knowledgable, offer a lot to their customers and team, etc. And they are entertaining and fun! Check out their videos on Facebook and YouTube, subscribe to their newsletter, and follow their blog. Love them!


Definitely a fun duo to watch, and mother/daughter to boot- That is just so sweet! The fun loving relationship you two have comes out in the beautiful cards you create, and the laughs you bring to the table! Love watching you two!

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